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Step 2 Question

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    Wow, such great advice everyone, thanks!



    it was sugestted to me that just because i couldn’t feel the love or care of a an HP didn’t mean it wasn’t there….It’s one of those scewed perceptions i have….

    If you tell me you love me, I don’t hear you
    If you tell me twice, I don’t believe
    No matter how much you tell me, it is never enough

    Same for an HP as it is with people in my life….

    My sponsor told me “god’s already got you” and for some reason I took comfort in that as I came into sobriety…

    God is first on my resentment list….but i understand today that my HP doesn’t expect me to get well all at once, and that i can connect to an HP despite all the garbage that stands in my way….I think thats what they call god’s grace…..



    @keithj 2573528 wrote:

    Do you know believe that there exists a power greater than yourself, and go no further with their conception of God. Just stop right there with belief in something and be open to the experience.

    They have to be sincere about the requirement to lay aside prejudice. From what I’ve seen, it helps to give up any pre-existing notions of what God is or how that power works, and start fresh with the bare minimum requirements.

    I was listening to Bob D on XA speakers a while ago and he was talking about this. Saying that those who already believe in God can have more difficulty working these steps. He said something along the lines of Keith about laying aside prejudice. I think he says that he gets his sponsees to list all prejudices that they have about God – the good and the bad ones and goes from there.

    It’s a very good listen if you are interested. Search for XA speakers website and then search for How To Recover. It is probably in disc 3,4 or 5.

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 15 total)

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