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    i had a similar experience…
    God was used as a threat when i was a kid…
    So i bump into step 2, full of twisted perception…..childhood fears and a mother that still insisted i was reading from the wrong book…even today.

    Luckily for me i had a great mentor/sponsor whom gave me plenty of time…
    He suggested that the perception i had may have become distorted.
    and that maybe there was a forgiving, loving god out there if i sought him.
    in other words “pick your own concept”.

    So for me i turned away from a fixed religous god…… a loving forgiving God……i couldnt have moved foward without that change of concept..but it wasnt easy…

    looking back i have deep respect for my sponsor whom was sensitive and patient while i worked through some “god” conflict.
    step 2 is a real big deal for some……..i try to mirror my sponsors approach when working with newcomers on step 2.

    thats my experience.



    I have a question?

    Keeping PERSONAL WILLINGNESS in mind -When I read step two
    it states as UNDERSTOOD not UNDERSTAND.

    Its this the difference between God (the message of A.A.) and the outside sponsorship system in A.A. ?

    Just a question please be fearless sponsees



    I have my sponsees write out what their god is and what their god isnt and that is the power greater than themselves that they are willing to turn their will and life over to

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 15 total)

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