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    @CarolD 2879399 wrote:

    I happily returned to my childhood Sunday School God
    of love and forgivness…..:yup:

    It’s amazing how many of us drunks forget about easter. We remember all the pillar of salt stuff and all the struck them down with a furious anger crap, but all the forgiveness of easter seems to just have slipped our minds. Ya know when I was a kid they never missed a single year fussing about it in church, I mean they even have lent, the “run up to it’, and then palm sunday another precursor to it, but somehow between jack daniels and jim beam easter and all it’s meaning just slipped my mind. A holiday like easter is the holiday of a God that has taken a personal interest in my well being. Someone that is watching out for me, that has prepared a place for me.



    For me, step two can be broken down into a few parts. The first step leaves us feeling miserable and defeated. But that is why the second step immediately follows it and gives us hope. First I came (I showed up at meetings), then I came to (the fog lifted), and then I came to believe (believed that the God of my understanding would relieve me from this insanity). The God of my understanding does not and keep score. It sounds like you are a Christian and that is good in my opinion. Jesus died for for our sins. He doesn’t expect us to carry the things we did while drinking with us forever. I believe my God has taken then from me and I can wash my hands of them and move on.

    Hope this helps. This is how I completed step two anyways.



    When I arrived in AA at 36 years old, I had left the Catholic Church 22 years prior, so I came in with a very ‘warped’ vision of a HP or “God as I understood him/her.”

    I had a discussion with an old timer that happened to be a ‘sober’ priest. He told me to forget what the Nuns taught me, to forget what I ‘thought’ they said and instead just look around the meetings I attended, I would ‘see’ the miracles. And I did see the ‘miracles’!!!!!!

    I have been able over these many years to conceive of a HP that is loving and kind and allows me to make mistakes.

    Prior to this revelation, when I was working Step 2, my sponsor had me look up the definition of the word “insanity.” The definition that literally ‘popped’ out at me was:

    “the repetition of acts or actions EXPECTING different results.” (The emphasis is mine.)

    Ok, I was able to see that my life out there practicing this affliction was INSANITY. Yet here I was, going to many meetings and seeing people that were now sane, or appeared sane, and were productive members of society. So …………………….. for my first Step 2 (yes, I have, just for my own benefit worked all the steps several times in these many years) I chose to use the group as a ‘source’ of returning me to sanity.

    And ………………………….. they did. The folks I met in the different meetings I attended showed me how to become ‘civilized again.’ Taught me how to become a productive member of society. Taught me how to interact with others SOBER. In reality gave me back a life I had forgotten existed.

    Step 2, beyond starting to believe in a HP, is about changing our acts and actions. And when we do, the actions and reactions toward us change also.

    J M H O

    Hope the above helps.

    Love and hugs,

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