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    I increasingly see steps 1 – 2 – 3 were quick fire steps to the first AA members especially if they had hit a low enough bottom, and if they hadn’t they are always there for redoing anyway – as I am having to do 🙂

    2 is something like “I do need help from where help is to be got”

    3 is something like “I’m deciding to get that help”

    4 will then be “I’m getting that help”

    I read of men that were at Dr Bob’s desk and the 12 steps were covered in a day or two.



    Yes, read “Dr Bob and the Good Oldtimers“. You’ll read that they went thru the steps in days, not weeks or months.

    Dr. Bob actually made 9th step amends (before the step was actually written) on the day of his very last drink.


    @savoy 1607614 wrote:

    Before asking me the step 2 question from the Big Book, my sponsor asked me what was the most insane thing you did due to your alcoholism.

    I related various drunk stories and he kept saying no, thats not it.

    The most insane thing I did was picking up the first drink…every time.

    my sponsor gave me the same exercise. He had me make a list of the ten craziest things I’d ever done. I made this list…did this drunk, did that drunk, drunk, drunk drunk. He looked at and “Yeah, that’s pretty crazy stuff, but I bet you haven’t done any of that since you’re sober. Could it be that the most insane thing you’ve ever done, you’ve done stone cold sober? And that’s pick up a drink having full knowledge of what happens when I pick up a drink?”

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 11 total)

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