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    From Step 3 in IWH&W:

    “If we want something – a job, an education, recovery – we have to make the effort to get it. Our Higher Power will take care of our spiritual needs, but we have to participate in our own lives; we can’t simply sit back and expect God to do everything. We are responsible for our recovery…We try to align our actions with what we believe our Higher Power would want for us, and then deal with life as it happens.”

    As the NA Basic Text tells us, the word decision implies action. The decision is based on faith.

    I think it is mentioned in a NAWS bulletin that AA is our “parent” fellowship, but that really is irrelevent because our programs aren’t identical – nor do they have to be. I just find it funny that some like to throw AA in NA members faces for, IMO, silly reasons.



    For me, this step is one of the simplest, and I could even say easiest, steps to work. I believe someone earlier compared themselves to a literalist, but this is exactly what I am, especially when it comes to my recovery, and it’s how my sponsor showed me the steps…..literally.

    For me, it doesn’t matter how anybody else has worked the steps, only that I work them………for me.

    ……and I work them as they are written (quite literlly). I love what the NA Basic Text says about the 3rd Step………..: “…The Third Step does not say, ‘We turn our will and our lives over to the care of God.’ It says, ‘We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.’ We made the decision, it was not made for us…”

    Yes, I know that most folks, in working this step, incorporate a prayer and actually do turn their will and their lives over…..BUT, not me. I do believe that this decision needs to be followed by action, but for me that action is jumping right into the 4th Step. I sometimes wonder if some folks maybe make this step so difficult and/or complicated simply because they may be trying to put off working on their 4th Step……..??……..?

    I am now going to paraphrase an old AA speaker (so, since this is the NA Step Study Forum, I am asking forgiveness in advance…..). I’ve always loved this Priest’s simple way of looking at the first three steps…..He always said…..they’re simple….1) There’s a problem; 2) There’s a solution; and 3) I get to decide which I want. …..and this is always what I’ve wanted for my recovery…………….SIMPLE (o:




    I prefer not to get into such arguments. I do, however, question your motive chancho9965 in posting your AA ‘babble’ in an NA forum.
    I love AA, and I have AA issues, but I believe this is not the place for them.

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