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    No forgiveness required, IMO, NoelleR. I think there’s a huge difference between referring to an experience (whatever it is) and comparing fellowships/programs in a negative way.

    On a calmer note: I once heard an oldtimer ask – “If three members sat on a fence and two make a decision to jump off…how many members will be left sitting on the fence?”

    Ans: 3 – the 2 only decided…not jumped.



    @chancho9965 2012301 wrote:

    In the fellowship of NA we emphasize “simplicity is key”, so, why all this psycho-babble, super spiritual jargon? this step is the most spoken of yet the least understood, certainly the most difficult to live.
    Im a literalist, which means that after taking a 3rd Step my life is no longer my buisness. Period. I love AA’s Big Book (mother fellowship btw) pages on the this step. If I find myself in conflict with someone or somebody I need to know that Im living my life on self-will. My whole program is glued together on this step of allowing God to be God and me just be His child………….


    Nuff Said ! ! !



    3. We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 22 total)

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