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    @NoelleR 2013362 wrote:

    For me, this step is one of the simplest, and I could even say easiest, steps to work. I believe someone earlier compared themselves to a literalist, but this is exactly what I am, especially when it comes to my recovery, and it’s how my sponsor showed me the steps…..literally.

    ……and I work them as they are written (quite literlly). I love what the NA Basic Text says about the 3rd Step………..: “…The Third Step does not say, ‘We turn our will and our lives over to the care of God.’ It says, ‘We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.’ We made the decision, it was not made for us…”

    I am now going to paraphrase an old AA speaker (so, since this is the NA Step Study Forum, I am asking forgiveness in advance…..). I’ve always loved this Priest’s simple way of looking at the first three steps…..He always said…..they’re simple….1) There’s a problem; 2) There’s a solution; and 3) I get to decide which I want. …..and this is always what I’ve wanted for my recovery…………….SIMPLE (o:


    I love the way you put the steps into perspective – I have heard it – 1. I can’t, 2. He Can 3. So let him. Although – I might have to utilize yours now as it makes more sense in the chaos in my head. I am a problem, I am a solution, and I get to decide which one I want/need to be!

    Thanks Noelle!



    Step 3 is not easy for me! I like to think of myself as wise and therefore above the ideas and blessings God has for me. I have always chosen and given myself the blessings I want….I was doing this CLEAN!! I had to get honest about some of my choices while clean that were based in self-will and the fact that the food and the sex I was using to fix (filling the void) weren’t working anymore. This left me with a decision to make! Start trusting the process and God or stay in the pain of my will and struggle to create the life that I think is best for me while pushing other addicts that care about my recovery away from me. I do not and cannot lay down and expect God to carry me around, but I do and must trust the guidance and love my HP has for me. My old pattern is to stay in my little bubble and eventually pick up, but today I am trying to hang on to the hope and faith I found when I first came to NA. I saw other addicts like me living!! LIVING! I do not want to use again…just for today!! Each morning I simply say…”show me how to live” and jft, I am living too. It is not always comfortable, actually it is rarely comfortable, and more often than not I have to stop several times a day to check myself…”Is this my will?” most of the time it is. I am making the effort though and I believe that is what we all do. We fall, we seek, we try, we struggle, we change… we accept, and finally we trust. At least that is how it is for this addict and no matter what I don’t have to pick up!!!



    I am currently working step 3. I am finding how much smoother things go if i keep my hands out of things. For me, the type of addict i am…i cant even have a phone convo with someone with out wanting to control that sometimes. i mean good grief..i want people to say what i want to hear. I find my self wanting and trying to make people see me for what i WANT them to see, and god forbid if they dont….i get “upset”. I know all I have to do is make a choice to turn my will over. i find myself making this choice all day long. usually when the pain gets great enuff for me to “let go” or do something different. I have just started to even be aware of my self will seeping out in everything i do or say. Now that i am aware, i have been given tools to use to keep my will at least under way enuff to allow god to work. he does do it sooo much better than me anyway, so u’d think we’d see that and surrender completely all the time. however this i know is unrealistic…not anyone does this perfect. and i get the support of my NA as i might add(small resentment from the aa mother comment earlier). newayz thank god for the support i get from addicts just like me. it says in the literature of narcotics anonymous that we addicts could not fully relate to the alcoholic..emotionally and so forth..i cant quote it and need too..just read the basic text. (ex. of my will being excersised in the last couple of sentences..i will decided to turn it over now, and get back to work) step 3

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