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Step 4

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    I’ve been in recovery 7 years and don’t where to begin with step 4. I’ve done 1,2,& 3 but never step 4. I don’t want to continue to be stagnated and need to start. I don’t know where to start. My sponsor gave me written instruction but I just don’t know how to answer the questions. So as far as I can fiqure, what do I do, just write a dairy as far back as I can remember?



    Hi sleptdog. Welcome to the forums.

    When you say your sponsor gave you written instructions i am assuming you mean instructions from The NA Step Working Guides.

    if you are having difficulty answering the questions as they are posed in the guide then your sponsor is supposed to assist you in understanding what the questions mean.

    If your sponsor is unable to assist you then you might want to think about finding one that will.

    best of luck to you.:)



    :c011:@wolfchild 2175523 wrote:

    i did not enjoy this step until i started to experience the relief from my past. i had felt so much shame, guilt, and depression about it for so long that i wasn’t sure what had actually happened. Sorting through the lies i had told myself, the denial, and the pain helped to increase my willingness to be honest with myself. Writing an inventory gave me a few good reasons to stop running from myself! It showed me that i had spent alot time trying to control other people because i was really unhappy with myself. It gave me unquestionable evidence that God was caring for me even when i didn’t want to care for myself. It showed me how i had used people, places, and things just as much as i was using drugs. Writing about the resentments i had began the process of emotional healing. It also took away the power of all my excuses to act rebellious and self righteous. Working through my sexual relationships helped me to stop judging myself because of what i had done. The most kindest truth that i found out was that i still had some very good and noble qualities of character within me. Before writing a list of my assets, i still didn’t really believe that i could be fully restored. i had told myself that i was permanantly broken for so long that i didn’t think i could live the way i truly wanted to live. This step helped me in ways then and continues to help me in ways now, that inspires hope & faith in myself that i can recover.

    Everthing you wrote is how I feel and think……Thanks ..Peter F.:tyou

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 10 total)

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