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Step 4 advice

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    Thanks all. I think I need to keep it simple more and stop trying to think of every tiny trivial thing that makes me angry lol. I plan to finish column two tonight.



    I’ve got a couple tricks that I use that seem to help me. The first one is a 4th step set-aside prayer. You get to make it up but mine typically includes asking God to make me willing to do the darn thing, to open my eyes to see what He wants me to see, to be open and honest about what I’m writing, to help me see if skipping this step or cutting any corners on it will have anything to do with me going back to another drink, and to set aside in me all my defiance + beliefs I currently have that keep me from continuing with the process. I also ask Him to PUT me in the place (mentally and spiritually) where I need to be to write a thorough inventory.

    When I’m done writing….. I think God for getting me to do what I did (so far) and I ask Him to take me back OUT of the place (mindset) where I write inventory and put me back into the place where I can go about the business i need to attend to for the rest of the day – or until I sit down to write again.

    ^^^^^ Those two have saaaaaaaaaved my a$$ when it comes to writing inventory….and I do a pretty fair amount of it.

    I tried the “everyday” approach but I had better success with 3 or 4 days per week. Evenings worked better for me than mornings (but made for some occasionally messed up dreams… until I learned those set-aside prayers). The key is to try different things. Try longer sessions less frequently, shorter sessions more frequently, different times of the day, etc. The key is to be willing to write it in your mind but to ask HP for that willingness and for the power to get cracking on it……lack of power is STILL my dilemma sometimes.

    You may want to give a listen to Joe and Charley’s description of how and why we do the 4th step. That helped me a TON on the inventories I wrote after hearing them. I think Bob D. from Las Vegas is a wealth of 4th step info too. You can find all these recordings over on XA Speakers.

    Here’s a link to the Bob D talks that are pertinent: XA-Speakers – The lights are on!
    and XA-Speakers – The lights are on!



    Yeah, I need to listen to Joe and Charlie again. I listened to the whole thing once through, but I need to listen once more specifically on the Fourth Step.

    One more question–as I understand it, we are to focus on current resentments, right? As opposed to ones we’ve had in the past that we’ve long since let go of. I know some of the ones from the past still eat at me, so those go on the list, but apart from the list we of people we have HURT in the past, the focus for the resentment part is on the present, am I correct?

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