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Step 4 advice

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    my book does not tell me there is a difference between past and present anger.My sponsor had me write down every time I ever got angry.He also did not tell me the difference between anger and resentment.
    I am a alcoholic who was very sick,I needed to do all that writing,and see all my anger, in order to get well.
    If we are to live,we must be free of anger.Live,not just stay sober.So,my life may depend on whether I cleaning house thoroughly or not.



    Yes old ones as well as newer, also those we think we’ve worked through.



    I did past resentments for sure. How could I not look at those and only my current ones? In fact, I had WAY more past ones that current ones.

    …and of course you don’t really want to do it. I know I didn’t and most people never do a “4th” step, especially if they’re not alkies. It goes against human nature.

    I had to do a little at a time. I had a long list, it took me weeks, but I’d work on it for 15 – 20 minutes every few days. I would then meet with my sponsor and we’d go over what I had finished each week (this helped to keep me on track and also kept it correct).

    After it was over with and I did step 5, there was no relief for me, but even more shame b/c now it was all right there, on paper. I had no idea I was this person, but there it was. Even though it made me feel bad, the light came on. I was no longer ignorant to my character defects.

    …but now, something could be done about them and THAT is and was AWESOME!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 24 total)

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