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Step 4 advice

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    Kjell, thanks for your post. I’m glad to know that you didn’t feel relief right away, because I have a feeling that will happen to me and you don’t often hear people say they felt more shame after that!



    one thing I tried to remember as I took the first 7 steps,I was building a arch thru which I was to pass to freedom.
    I could not be really free when I neglected certain things or left certain things out, and
    there came a time during this process I had to sit down and review what I had done,was I being honest and through?Was the stones properly in place?
    Did I skimp…..?
    I was building a relationship with God,as I understand Him during this process,and all of the debris of my past needed to be found and swept away if I was to recover and live in the Sunshine of the Spirit



    I find that I really have no fear in doing my 4th step. I don’t have too many resentments against other people/things/etc.., most of them are against myself for the the problems I’ve caused myself and hurt I’ve caused others. I also found that virtually all of my fears were a result of failed self-reliance. Even throughout my drinking career I have always accepted responsibility for my actions and really didn’t put too much blame on other people/things/etc..

    I truly feel like I’ve taken an honest look within myself and haven’t held anything back, but I feel like I’m doing something wrong because I’m not afraid and am not having a hard time getting things out like most others say they do.

    Any advice???

Viewing 3 posts - 19 through 21 (of 24 total)

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