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Step 5

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    This step helped me to “get over myself”. So often i had tried to revise reality in my head that confusion became a state of mind. Getting to the underneath of it all with my sponsor and the God of our understanding showed me that many of my fears are what had forced me to keep those things secret. Going over this step helped me to understand myself a little better. It also showed me the damage that addiction had done to me. My sponsor was able to help me to go deeper with some things that needed to be brought out. i started to see that the results of my actions were not the real problem. It provided an opportunity to see that my sponsor was committed to my recovery almost as much as i am. It strengthened the bond between us and helped us to see that were not so different from each other. It solidified the committment we share to each other’s recovery process.


    do you have a step working guide available



    Hi Alfonso, welcome to 12 Step National Meetings.

    You can get a Step Working Guide from an NA meeting or order one directly from Narcotics Anonymous World Services (NAWS). Here’s a link: – the website for the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 10 total)

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