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    Admittedly, the BB doesn’t say a bunch about Step 6.

    Looking back at my experience with this step, I believe it’s where I followed instructions and literally put the book on a shelf somewhere, which I never do normally, then take it down and contemplate the first 5 proposals and see how my work is so far. Are the stones properly in place? Have I mixed mortar without sand? I understand that to be… one part problem (my 1st step) with one part solution (God), then the foundation… my past experience and why I came to AA… my bottom and surrender, if you will, and willingness to believe that God can and will for me, the Cornerstone… which I believe is this willingness, the 3rd step decision or Keystone, for we’re building a triumphant Arch to which we pass to Freedom…

    I believe the 12×12 talks about how this is the step that separates the Men from the Boys.

    So I’ve looked at things that perhaps I’m unwilling to give up. I’ve put smoking and chewing Copenhagen in there. I’ve been anger in there… Then I arise with willingness to ask God to remove them…

    Pray for the willingness… I’m not real big on that? Anybody got experience with that?



    You are quite right the BB doesn’t really go over the Sixth step. I am in the process in completing the sixth step and a little confused. Do you have any suggestions?



    Welcome to 12 Step National Meetings cataluna
    You might find the 12&12 usefulinformation useful.

    Good to see you here …:yup:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 11 total)

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