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    When I come across character defects that I am ambivalent about having removed, how I go about “praying for the willingness to be willing” is pretty simply just to hold the problem gently in my mind and, whenever I pray or meditate or whenever the defect comes up in my life and I notice it, just kind of like put it out there to HP as something that I need help with.

    And then, of course, I have to be patient and wait — which I totally hate.

    It’s been really important to me, in these kinds of situations, not to try to force willingness, or get all obsessive about it, or all down on myself about it. For me, any of that just seems to exaggerate the problem and keep me from any real movement on it…and, since what I’m basically asking for here is a shift in my attitude and perspective on the defect and its “place” in my life, behavior that increases rigidity or results in a fixation but limits movement and openness is really counter-productive for me.

    Here are links to 2 recent threads dealing with Step 6:



    Unfortunately, it seems to be a step that it is kind of difficult to get people to share much ES&H on — which, I suppose, rather supports the idea that it really does separate the men from the boys.

    Good luck!


    P.S. Also, you might check out the Hazeldon book Drop the Rock.



    Looking back at my last experience with this 6th Step, I think it’s vital to really look at this right after your 5th step review and 1 hour quiet time.

    It is right in that moment that we “thank God from the bottom of our heart that we know him better”… because we have just given witness to some chunks of truth about ourself. And as they say, God is Truth. But some of these truths about ourselves or things that were blocking us from God are or would seem to be pretty easy to ask God to take away. Some may not be. So… this is the time to get honest and maybe consider the possibility that we DON’T want some defect of character removed. Willingness is followed by action. So… willingness without action “is fantasy.” Gee, that makes sense.

    So you can pray for the willingness, but you’d better have your shoes on at that point and be ready to take the next step… which would be 7.



    they don`t put much in the Book about it because it is simple.Either I am willing to have God remove them or I am not.That is the only question.
    If I am,I go on to step 7,if not,I pray for the willingness and go on to step 7 with what I am willing for God to remove,and then focus my attention on getting busy doing the rest of the steps and living sober.After my 5th step experience,there came a period of time,the same day that I realized I never had to live the way I used to live again.The book refers to it as a hour where we thank God from the bottom of our hearts we know Him better.I knew Him better because He had set me free from the past.I was standing at the crossroads at steps 6 & 7,to go forward,or to linger in the same muck that kept me living in the horror of my past and my self will.I choose to move forward and let God take me to better things.

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 11 total)

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