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    i always figured that this step was all up to god, i just had to say i was willing. i remember someone told me something pretty good, they said god doesn’t need to step 6, you do, gods doing alright. hahaha. but that made sence i prey for willingness but i make the conscious decision to live in amended behavior or do contradictory behavior to what i was doing before. just something i was kinda sitting with. but theirs no wrong way to do it, i’ve heard tons of methods, the only wrong way i think is not to it. something we sort of wrestle with.



    Until completing steps 4 and 5 and as I’m starting to consider the prospects of making amends for my behavior drunk and sober, I’m starting to realize that I’m not going to get to go to God wearing white robes and with clean hands and say, “Here I am God. I’ve earned Your Grace and do not need to be forgiven.”

    But I come bloodied and dirty. I need God’s Grace. I need to be forgiven. And I am. You and me are forgiveable. You and me need God’s mercy. Part of us doesn’t want to be beholden to God for this. Our ego. But it’s pretty smashed at this point, so we proceed to 7, which is about forgiveness… which is of course a two-way street, right? 😎

Viewing 2 posts - 10 through 11 (of 11 total)

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