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step 8 question

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    What about someone we may have harmed while blacked-out? We can only imagine those we could have harmed in some way while we were totally out of our mind. I still get freaked out at the things I might have done and dwell too much on it I guess. It could be total paranoia. Any thoughts?



    Unless someone were to tell me what I did when I blacked out, I would have no way of knowing. I have more than enough amends to make with the things I do remember.

    One of the questions I plan to ask as I am making my amends is: “Is there anything else that I have done to harm you?” Then I will shut up and listen. It is possible that stuff that happened during a blackout will come up the person’s answer.

    I am going to work on the amend that I am aware of. If there are other incidents that I need to make amends for, I believe that my Higher Power will show me those things.



    jedi ….Welcome to 12 Step National Meetings….:wavey:

    I too was a blackout drinker…and I did the same as Susan on my amends.

    Good to see you here….:yup:

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