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    Just starting your 9th step, eh? Yes…I have felt as though I’d never “move on”, so to speak, on this step or another. But what I found was that as long as I applied myself…little by little, I’d advance. Specifically, I’m talking about the formal aspect of step 9…not the actual application of making amends. I say that because I’m sure you already know that some amends will take quite a long time to make. So that doesn’t mean we should put off continuing through the steps until they are made.

    As step 9 says, “wherever possible” and very often opportunities don’t present themselves as readily as we’d like them to. As my 1st sponsor would say, “The best amends we make is by living the program to the best of our ability.” I agree totally with Wolfchild that making amends is an ongoing process that really has no set time frame or completion mark. We do the best with whatever we have in front of us.

    Do I understand how you feel? You bet I do!! 🙂 Trust me…just keep walking, it gets better.



    I’m living in 9,10,11,12. Move on and keep making the amends at the same time. The longer you stagnate your growth the greater chance of relapse.



    :ringhi my name is chasity i been sober for 7 months i really feel good about me today i love who i am as a person i accept me for who i am today.i am now working on step 8.

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 10 total)

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