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step four- again- several times

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    :praying:prayingI’m currently working on a Step 4,slowly,cause some days I don’t write any.I claim it’s not fear,I’m really trying to be thorough.Advice is very welcome,if there is anyn such advice.My sponsor said I’m doing great.I believe him……Zeko807:praying:



    I am writing another step 4 because I did one early in recovery so many things have changed since then.. that was back in 93 (I think). My children are grown, I am alone… lovers, changes, regrets, resentments… Oh, when I started writing, I released a flood gate and my head started hurting… this is my second day. I am feeling better. Glad to know I am not alone… but, for me, recovery is on going and I do what I do to get better consistently.:praying:tapping



    I am a 2.2 yrs clean now.. I find the further away from active addiction I get, the clearer my thinking became. LIke Grateful.. I find it so purging. Seems my recovery process is never ending. For me.. if I question something.. I might be needing to look deeper.

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 9 total)

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