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step one information

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    @isitpukka 2753650 wrote:

    is it vital to have a sponser to help me through the steps programme?

    I found the worksheets download on google and wondered how important it is to have someone who has been through it themselves to help me, or do you think it is possible to work through it with online support.

    I have panic attacks and high anxiety and am loathe to make the anxiety condition worse by attending meetings, unless it is deemed pretty vital!!

    Any ideas anyone?

    I use to suffer from really bad anxiety as well, I would think everyone was looking at me and thought that everyone around me was judging me and I would have to pretty much shut down and live inside my own head to go out and be around people. The steps, and working them with someone who has dealt with the same problems I have really helped me.

    I believe it is quite vital to have someone who can support you and help you through the steps but everyone is there own person and everyone has different needs, so really it is up to you.

    As for step one I like to look at it as 2 steps in one.

    1a. We admitted we were POWERLESS over alcohol.
    1b. That our lives had become UNMANAGEABLE.

    My sponsor told me to write down everything that I am powerless over and than write down why my life had become unmanageable through certain aspects, and then ultimately I would be able to finally admit that I was powerless over alcohol and that through that my life had become completely unmanageable.



    I suppose the clue is in the first word of the first step, ‘WE admitted….’. A huge part of recovery is doing the opposite of what is comfortable for me.



    If your anxiety is really bad it might help to get a professional therapist or addiction specialist to help if you can afford that. I had a lot of anxiety in the early going, but a lot of that was because I was going through withdrawals.

    I didn’t know if alcohol was the problem or if AA was going to help; I just decided to try it for 90 days and do whatever it took to not drink one day at a time, which meant a lot of meetings.

    As it turned out, being alone was a lot scarier that being at the meetings.

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 17 total)

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