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    :ring I feel that this step is a begining in this process…Saying hey I cant do this no more its not working…Looking at the TRUTH as it really is breaks through to the self deception that has kept me in BONDAGE..The bondage of the EGO…The bondage of ADDICTION ….Honesty, Acceptance, Surrender is what this step calls me to practice. Self-honesty..I see two parts to this step. “being powerless” and “being unmanageable”….ask myself this one question….am I able to achieve lifes purpose on my own free will ? I didnt have to look far for that answer….Clean :react Im ready for step two….



    Thank you for express your inner most thoughts and feeling.

    I’m a recoverying co dependent from my addicted heroin boy friend, and learning how to cope from all of these postings, THANK YOU.

    I wish you all the best in your recovery.



    My experience with this step is to let in the TRUTH…The truth about any given problem..I ADMIT I cant change this problem ie..Drugs, drinking, sex, food etc… on my OWN FREE WILL…(powerless) next I see how this problem has affected my LIFE and Ive been UNABLE to achieve lifes purpose (unmanageable). Surrender in this war (addiction) is actually how this battle is won..Acceptance, Honesty, Willingness, and Humility are some principles WE practice in Step One.When Im truly convinced Im beat….. Im ready for Step Two:a213:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 4 total)

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