Step#7..Humility…"ASK"..and Act… | 12 Step Meetings and Anonymous Groups - Part 2

Step#7..Humility…"ASK"..and Act…

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    :abcj::ham4 I believe that Steps 6 and 7 are linked together, like all the other Steps, yet separate..My “WILLINGNESS” in Step Six will be the reason I move on to the 7th Step. By moving on to Step 7 it will help me see how ‘Willing’ I am..In the Basic Text (page 34 Step 6 third edition) it says “We put our Willingness into action by moving on to Step 7″ My Sponsor and I both believe that I ‘NEEDED’ to work through the Steps….Not 1 Step a year..I NEED help, that’s what I’ve been doing..”Being human we will wander off course” (Basic Text pg 34)..Thanks for your input on these Steps Missy…Clean:herewego



    ok I see where you are coming from. Are you in an area where it is customary to do one step a year? That seems like a long drawn out process! Seems like we could die before getting through the steps if we take that long. I have heard it mentioned there are places that do that…however I have not come across them yet.
    I took the occasion to look up “ready” and also “willing” in the dictionary. They are indeed defined using the other word in each set of definitions. “ready” used the word willing in it’s definition…and “willing” used the word ready in it’s definition. They only slight difference was “ready” used ‘fully prepared’ in it’s defintion and “willing” used ‘inclined’. Thank you for prompting me to ponder these steps.


Viewing 2 posts - 4 through 5 (of 5 total)

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