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    @sugerspun 2483521 wrote:

    You will know if your step 2 is complete when you do step 3, which you will know you did because you will be writing inventory and sharing it with another. Before you know it, you will be going to people and making ammends for the harm you caused them.

    Do you have a sense of “choosing” step 2?
    Do you believe that it is possible for you to recover from alcoholism?

    The book mentions a flimsy reed…..

    So I’ll know I’ve done the step before once I’m on the step after. Interesting…never thought of it like that in the short time that I have been thinking about it.

    Yes, I do have a sense of “choosing” step 2. I’m coming to believe, I’m making a decision to turn it over to my HP, who I call God.

    …and YES I do believe that it’s possible for me to recover from alcholism. Whatever recover means, but I absolutly do believe I can and will recover.

    That really made me think – thank you.



    A willingness to believe is all that’s required. My knowledge of who God is or even whether he exists on not is immaterial If I am insane and I need to be restored to sanity. This is a way to a sane life. God will always be there, He continues to reveal himself day by day. Faith is a verb, Do the work and Go shows up.




    For me the God pill was a big one.

    My higher power at first was AA.

    I think that what I got the most out of step 2 was “Hope”

    Looking around the rooms at those who had been there and done that had something I wanted,……..that smile and glow.
    They were happy! and I wanted that!

    So I kept coming back.

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