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    @Spawn 2509159 wrote:

    For me the God pill was a big one.

    My higher power at first was AA.

    I think that what I got the most out of step 2 was “Hope”

    Looking around the rooms at those who had been there and done that had something I wanted,……..that smile and glow.
    They were happy! and I wanted that!

    So I kept coming back.

    well said Spawn.. for me it’s God as i Do Not understand him!


    For me i understood that something had kept me alive through my wreckage of life, i was so desperate to get sober i would have believed in anything. I was blessed that my sponsor never confussed spirituality with religion!!! I was told if i had issues getting or finding a higher power to fake it till i make it! & it worked!!!
    I had made such a mess of my life i thought well this higher power cant do me any worse, i also did the suggested things, i asked for help every morning “just keep me away for a drink just for today” & “let ure will be my will”. & i am Grateful evry night no matter what type of day i’ve had! For me i dont question those who have gone before me if they are alcoholics of my type that i can identify with i will do all suggested things & up to today it has worked for me 🙂



    step1, this is a problem statement “im powerless over Alcohol” i have no effective control, its a 2 fold problem of mind and body, the mental obsession convinces me its ok to drink (insanity) and once inside me the “phisical allergy” or the phenomenon of craving (which normal folk dont get) wants more and more which all ends up in a spree…….this occurs pretty much every time i drink which is obvious “im powerless over Alcohol” the answer is not to drink?

    How do we do this…… to find the POWER to overrun powerlessness……so step2 is “come to believe in a POWER greater than us could restore us to sanity”
    as said step2 is a WILLING step, be open minded enough to believe something will/has come into your life if you let it.

    you need to talk to your sponsor on how your feeling bud, the steps are laid out to work us toward a spiritual awakening/new attitude, the hard work starts on step4, this is where the ACTION of change begins, the first 3 are identifying the problem, showing a power can help, make a DECISION to either go back drinking or ROLL your sleeves up and GET ON WITH THE PROGRAM……Keith

    so step1 is a problem statement=powerless
    step2 is to find that POWER

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