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Stuck at 7 for months ..need to move to 8

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    I just cannot seem to make myself start Step 8.So I waited thinking that the time will come and present it just feels like straight up avoidance..I think this is the hardest step..anyone been there?



    When I thought I was “done” with Step 7 and wanted to start on Step 8, I could not for my life figure out if I had actually completed Step 7. My Sponsor just smiled and said “Pray about it.” Well that made me mad! I wanted her to tell me I had done my homework and could move on to the next assignment. It took me several months of avoiding it, praying about it, re-reading and re-studying Step 7 to feel like I had truly asked and was willing for my HP to remove my shortcomings. It was then I understood that by making the Step 8 list, I had truly become ready to have my HP remove those defects, and I was willing to take action to identify and make amends. I seemed to need that time to make it part of me, rather than a simple action that I could write off as “done.”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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