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suggestions and possible answers

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    I needed my sponsor to help me understand what I was supposed to do in step 4. I don’t think I could have done it on my own.



    The outcome of your efforts will be about as good as the person guiding you through this. There ain’t extra points for going this alone.

    Back in the ol’ days, settlers could strike out on their own and cross the wilderness. Most fell to the elements, nature and natives. We wince and call them victims. Other settlers, seeing this, gathered together, believing there was strength in numbers. A pooling of resources. They designated a Wagon Master, based on his knowledge, experience and ability to lead. Those people made possible what we now call California. Something sprung from nothing ’cause they all banded together, led by someone who knew the way. The others went in with nothing and paid the price.

    Get a Wagon Master. Or pay the price.

    There is relief in adopting these steps. Don’t cheat yourself of all they offer.



    I am not the first one to suggest this, but I am hoping if enough people tell you that it will sink in. It is very important to have a sponsor. Obviously if you are in AA you know how important they are. It is talked about at pretty much every meeting. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to be your sponsor. Most of them are more than willing to help.

    I hope this helps. You need someone that knows what they are doing to take you by the hand and help you.

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 8 total)

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