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    On page 30 of the BB it states. “We had to fully concede to our inner most selves that we were alcoholics. This is the first step in recovery.”

    When God first placed my first sponsor in my life many 24 hours ago that was the first thing she had me read and write about. Even before step one.
    She explained to me that was one of the reasons we introduce ourselves the way we did..Saying first “Hi…I am an alcoholic..then giving our first name..
    Even tho no one else does it that way here…I still do.. It does two things…One: It qualifies me for the seat and allows me to feel a part of something. Then secondly it reminds me becasue I alcoholic addict–I am hard wired differently than “normal’ folks and when I remind myself of that I am less likely to beat myself up whne I make a mistake, which happens often, not as often as it used to but… is progress not perfection, Right?

    So on this journey…Lighten up on yourselves…laugh a little.
    We are not a glum lot…Thank God!


    Thanks for sharing Alla. This is what you PM me about. 🙂




    Thanks for that post. My sponsor wants me to write down a bit about what the first step means to me. I’ve been reading the first 3 chapters over and over now, and I finally think I know what I want to write.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 5 total)

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