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    good to see you L R Hoover

    Welcome aboard
    hope you come back more often..
    Would love to hear what you are learning and how things are going for you.



    Hi I’m Rob.
    I’m 28 years ol, excuse me. 3 days old.
    I finally went to a meeting today and I do have a sponsor who is there for me. My fiance left me because of my drinking. She’s the third one to do so. All of this happened after I took a dirtbike off of a 30ft cliff where I broke 6 bones on the left side of my face and burned half of my neck off all the way to my shoulder, and tore all the ligaments out of my left shoulder.

    I’ve been drunk for three weeks up until Monday. I was brok. I think that’s why I quit. I could’ve found a way I guess, but I’m sick of oweing people money. I wanted to try something different. Every time A women left me because of my drinking, I just whooped it up until I found my next ex. Doesn’t take long for someone to see the real me after a few brewskis.

    I did a tenth step today at the meeting. It was right in time. I need to do a personal inventory daily. It’s one of those steps that you don’t need to have done the rest in order to do.

    This is the first time I’m trying this on my own without someone else in my life telling me to. Might be because there’s noone left in my life, might be because this time I truly want it. either way. I’m reading alot about this disease and talking to alot of people in recovery now.

    I really want this and like the BB says, I’m willing to go to any length to get it. I should be dead by now
    Someone has been looking out for me my whole life. It’s about time I start to look after myself.

    Thanks for reading this

Viewing 2 posts - 4 through 5 (of 5 total)

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