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    @Isaiah 2814652 wrote:

    I think sponsoring is all about encouraging wisdom and growth,

    Not really. It’s all about showing someone how you had a spiritual awakening and recovered by taking them through the 12 Steps.

    Have you tried that, Ngokpa? Are they convinced that they have lost they have the physical allergy and have lost the power of choice? Do they feel hopeless and are willing to go to any lengths to stop drinking for good? Have you spent enough time with them in the Dr.’s Opinion and first 3 chapters so they can add up their own experience with booze? If that’s done thoroughly, it forces someone into Step 2.



    My sponsor showed me how he recovered from alcoholism.
    Its is all he could do.

    I was desperate enough to listen and then act.
    Like my sponsor, i recovered.

    Now i do the same as my sponsor done for me..
    the BB tell me everything i need to know….

    we used no other books……or methods….or theorys.

    one clear and precise message……..straight out of the BB.

    my experience anyhow.



    When I get a sponsee, it’s going to be straight out the Big Book. No other books allowed, until after the initial working of the steps. When they’ve had a spiritual awakening and the compulsion to drink has been removed, they can read whatever books they want.

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 8 total)

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