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    I had a sponsee like yours.
    Guy knew th BB backwards and forwards, but just couldn’t stop.

    My fall back was the Dr’s opinion.
    Men and women drink essentially because they like the effect produced by alcohol. The sensation is so elusive that, while they admit it is injurious, they cannot after a time differentiate the true from the false. To them, their alcoholic life seems the only normal one. They are restless, irritable and discontented, unless they can again experience the sense of ease and comfort which comes at once by taking a few drinks—drinks which they see others taking with impunity. After they have succumbed to the desire again, as so many do, and the phenomenon of craving develops, they pass through the well-known stages of a spree, emerging remorseful, with a firm resolution not to drink again. This is repeated over and over, and unless this person can experience an entire psychic change there is very little hope of his recovery.

    The first passage bolded cuts out all the psychobable about why an alcoholic drinks and why they relapse.

    The second takes the monkey off my back and correctly puts it on his. I had no problem at all going throughthe Steps with him, but unless he really gets down with Steps 6 and 7 ,there isn’t much I can do.



    I had one individual who drank at least once a week I would call him to show how it works. One day he made it to two weeks in between drinks I kept calling meeting him reading the BB taking him to events and so forth well t make a long story short it ended up it took 3 years to get one he had a slip at 10 years. So far he is doing well I have heard as I had to move and we have talk and he had discovered he seem to have missed the the second part of the first step. So make some don’t I jsut keep showing up.

Viewing 2 posts - 7 through 8 (of 8 total)

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