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Think im in the right place

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    Ive just joined this site, and was about to give up as i was getting lost going through the different pages and couldnt really find anything that was for me. Until i found this page. I am aware that drugs have made my life unmanageable. Through using drugs i have been a terrible wife and bad mother. I have made wrong decisions when i knew what was the right one. I have put my marriage in jepardy. I have lost my self respect. I have lost most of my friends. I have put myself at risk. My life is definately unmanageable. so what do i do next?

    please help folks



    Hello mise06,

    I wanted to respond and say first if you post on the substance abuse or alcohol abuse threads you may get quicker and more responses.

    You have taken tht first step to admit that you need help. I will suggest you get to a doctor and ask for help in detox. I am not sure what your DOC (drug of choice) is, but there are some that have dangerous withdrawels.

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family



    Thanks Ic1972 for your reply. My DOC is Mephedrone or Cocaine. My doctor hasnt been much use to date, but in fairness i supposed i havent been as honest as i should have been. This site has kept me occupied for a number of hours now, and its nice to read other ppls stories and just get words of understanding from people who do understand. I wouldve used this time planning ways to get out this evening to score or use. Im always thinking ahead of next score or tmrw or where next hit is coming from. Thinking of ways to get out of the house, or inventing stories that will get me out tmrw or the next day. Its hard to slow your brain down into the here and now.

    Thanks again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 6 total)

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