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    Congratulations on your surrender. Stop the misery. Get to a meeting. The people at the meeting will help you. The whole program is in th book . Read, go to meetings. Thi is a program of action. You have taken your first step(action). Good Job. You are a good person with a terrible disease. Find your higher power and you are in recovery. Keep up the good work. There is nothing more important than this right now.



    My friend.. Continue on the road of recovery.. I could relate with you.. the confusion the time i was using was really terrible.. I’m grateful today to my Higher Power for saving me from my addiction..




    The 12 steps are certainly a path to freedom for any addict seeking recovery!
    Do you know how to find an Narcotics Anonymous meetings?

    We don’t have to do this alone. Quite frankly, I personally could not do it alone, I tried.
    NA suggests you take the steps with a sponsor. A sponsor who has taken the steps themselves can help guide you through yours.

    You can find meetings and read the NA Basic Text online at – the website for the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous

    NA works for me,

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 6 total)

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