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Thinking today…

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    :dance8:I woke up today and my mind has been running through all the reasons why I need to quit but back in the corner of my mind I think I could always run to the liquor store. Isn’t that crazy? Today is 1 week sober. I enjoyed reading the thread of high functioning alcoholic. That’s how I’ve always justified not having a problem. I’m not like “them”. I have a college degree. I have the same great job that I’ve had for 9 years. I’ve never had a DWI. I’m still married. I have a beautiful house and take wonderful trips…. But, I’m miserable almost every day of the year. Most days are spent obsessing about how much I drank the night before or how I’m going to drink today. Avoiding friends/family because they will see I have been drinking or that I haven’t even showered on my day off. Not showing up for appointments because I’m either too hungover or already half through a bottle of wine/vodka. Struggling to remember the conversation I had last night with a friend because I know we made plans for something. Sneaking to pick up the bottles I had hidden around the house on garbage day so no one will see them in the garbage/recycler. Splitting my time between 5 different liquor stores so they wouldn’t be shocked at how much I drank. That list is endless and after one particularly bad drunk about a month ago where I strapped my daughter in her carseat and drove ‘the short 5 blocks’ to the liquor store for yet another bottle of wine did I realize the unmanageability of that. How high functioning is that?! Driving drunk with my daughter in the car is about as far in the gutter as I can imagine. It started me thinking about high functioning and I originally decided to get sober as a promise to my daughter but now I want to do it for me. So I don’t have to regret life. So I can start living life. Thank God for 1 week today.



    WOW I totally relate and love your post. This honesty thing gets addictive after awhile huh? I havent drank in 1 week either. Keep on keepin on my friend!:Sportrac:



    Hi! 🙂 From experience I know that a high-functioning alcoholic can turn into a low-functioning alcoholic in in a split second! I had a terrible car accident. I was drinking and had my dear sister in the car with me. I flipped and totaled my car. Thank God my sister was ok, but I almost died and had to have brain surgery. Drinking is not worth that! Congratulations on Week 1! :bday7

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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