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This step scares me.

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    the steps are in order for a reason! i got to four and five and found i couldnt put the pen down on four once i got going and it was a little uncomfortable doing five but i was ready to get rid of all the things that were “blocking” me from living a better was easier than i thought and i asked my sponsor if it should have been so? she said i had done solid 1,2,3 so yes.i burst into tears after my “confession” and she asked me if i had found it tough and i said no,i just found it terribly sad that i had been running round my whole life full of fear for 37 years.when i started working with her i kept jumping through the book,thinking i was doing a bit of ground work,or homework if you like.but she told me as we hadnt got there yet in her “official capacity” of taking me through them,they were none of my business yet! well that put me in my place.please do not worry about something that you have no idea of what you are worrying at just yet! waste of energy i would say!,,im delighted you have decided to get on the has opened up a whole new world to me.i have a new set of eyes and a new heart thanks to the God given 12 step recovery programme of Alcoholics Anonymous.i wish you well.



    I remember being scared as well.. I think my sponser felt it. A month before we began my 4th step, she tells me a story of a young lady who lied all thru out her forth and ended up relapsing at about 2 yrs clean.

    Welp that scared the heck outta me and I didnt wanna relapse, I told my sponser how I felt & that I didnt feel comfortable telling another woman all my business, she laughed and said I have probaly done things a lot worse than you! lol… she wasnt kidding eitha!

    Finally when it came time, she got off of work, came and got me, we prayed and I promise that woman didnt flinch… I love her so much… what a relief off my back!

    Dont be afraid, just let it go…



    i have done soooo many dispicible things and im scared to tell another human being. ive been with several guys while high and have done things that you can imagine. ive stolen poor boxes off the wall of a church, and so much more. this is gonna be scary and hard.:c020:
    im a guy.

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 13 total)

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