This step scares me. | 12 Step Meetings and Anonymous Groups - Part 3

This step scares me.

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    Hi Redstar:

    I am thinking back to a thread that appeared a few weeks ago about FEAR.


    Your sponsor will help you through it.

    Having gone through steps one thru three, you are already not the person you were when you first walked through those doors When you walked in the door, you were wracked by the disease of addiction (whatever substance it was)

    That was then, and this is now. I guarantee you that you will not win first, second or third prize in the “worst drunk behavior of all time” award category. That is because you will not be judged. We ALL have our skeletons in the closet.

    I’ve seen a lot through my 17 years of sobriety. I have seen people wracked with shame and guilt walk into those rooms with tears streaming down their faces. They cannot believe anything will ever be right again. I have also seen those same people laughing about the insanity of their disease a few years down the road when they shared at meetings. They got there by working the program.

    I was one of those people, and trust me, I have stories that would make your head spin.

    But that was then, and this is now.

    Keep going…….you can do it.



    I new to this…I’ve been sober for almost a month..17 days exactly.
    How long after I finish step four should I start on step 5?
    Shouldn’t take me long to write down all the horrible things I’ve done.
    But, who do I talk to? Who should I sit down and ready my paper to?

    I’m soo lost but, I’m determined to be sober this time around.



    Welcome. I am glad you are here and that you have a desire to work the steps. The 4th step is not about writing down “all the horrible things you have done”. The 4th step is actually three separate inventories — resentments, fears and sex conduct.

    The directions for the 4th step begin on the bottom of page 63 and continue to the end of the chapter (page 71) of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. The directions for the 5th step begin on page 72 and continue to the bottom of page 75 (BB of AA). It is all explained there in considerable detail (i.e., what, how, when, why, etc.).

    Do you have a sponsor that you are working with? If you don’t that would be my first suggestion to you. Ask someone to sponsor you who works the steps directly from the Big Book and ask them to show you what they did. It is hard to do this process alone.

    I will tell you that working the twelve steps has changed my life, dramatically, for the better. I went from suffering from untreated alcoholism and from being plagued with the mental obsession around alcohol and drinking to complete freedom. My only regret is that I didn’t work the steps when I first walked through the doors of AA.

    Read around if you are interested. Check out some of my posts and my threads. You will see a remarkable transformation. Night and day. If you are serious about getting sober (and being truly happy about being sober) I highly recommend working the steps.

Viewing 3 posts - 7 through 9 (of 13 total)

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