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Thoughts on Step 10

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    I like that Stone — “constant state of self-awareness”.

    Step 10 is really simple – keep an eye out for these things (selfishness, dishonesty etc) and WHEN (not IF) they come up do the following:

    Ask God at once to remove it
    Talk about it with someone else and make ammends if harm has been caused.
    Turn our thoughts to someone we can help (I think this is the crux of step 10 – that ‘turning’ of our thoughts is vital).

    I might also add that I think step 10 is worthless without a 11th step practice – it sets up the day and makes step 10 possible.



    For me..I have to get quiet..what works best for me is a good 11th..prayer and meditation

    at a certain time of day. I ask my HP to “show me” the meditation. Wow! Usually

    it comes fast. Like a movie, I can “see” where I spoke harshly..was rude, demanded

    attention, allowed selfishness to creep in and take over…a myriad of things that

    block the flow and sunlight of the Spirit. Or downright hurt another.

    This happened today…I “saw” situations with two family members.

    One called today…to apologize to me! I was able to explain, no..I had placed her

    in a position to hurt waiting until the very last minute…(I have done this to her

    more than once)… and then calling when she was busy..and had to cut me off.

    See, she is my daughter. I deserved respect, doggone it!

    I made amends to her.

    I was able to tell her a bit about her mom being a recovered alkie who still had the

    behaviors and needed a program to “grow up.” She agreed. lol How neat.

    Still have one amends to go. I love Step Ten.



    So…Yes, Sugarspun.

    Step 11 has naturally, (for me..again..) set up Step 10.

    I also do “spot check” inventories.

    And I do agree with Stone, to a degree about the state of awareness..

    but when I am in my head or my head is stuck elsehwere…

    in self (gotcha)..then I am in delusion. :Xmassstar

    Hugs..dear fellows! :Xmas7

Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 13 total)

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