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Thoughts on Step 5

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    @sugerspun 1604621 wrote:

    I finished up step five earlier this week (took three sessions to read my fourth – probably around 15 hours or so)

    I had an expectation that I would feel some new feedom, some overpowering relief…but it didn’t happen the way I expected. We move right into step 6 and will be taking step 7 this week (get on our knees and say the prayer)…

    I stayed in the work. and I commented to my sponsor about only using the BB and I thought it was great…he thought it would be good for me to read steps six and seven in the 12/12 – trying to teach me a lesson I’m sure.

    You have been busy. The first two times I went through the Steps it was using only the Big Book. My experience has been that although that was a great help, I am able today to also benefit from utilizing other sources such as the 12 x 12 in the maintenance and application of the Steps in my life.



    I don’t know what his reasoning for using the 12/12 is as our group only uses the BB…I think it is something along the lines of “Get familiar with how others have taken these steps so you can relate to them on that level. Might break down some of the walls I have up towards other AA’s.

    A lesson in humility I am sure.

    He says jump, I jump..That’s the way it is right now.



    I have found that for me the willingness to be open to others experiences has truly helped me in my sobriety as it has been through the application of the Steps and listening others experiences that I have learned and grown. Although there are times when I have to use the principle of “take what I can use and leave the rest” as not everyone will or has to agree with me. We are all on a similiar journey but that does not mean we all have to take the same path.

Viewing 3 posts - 10 through 12 (of 15 total)

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