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Thoughts on Step 8

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    I suppose either way works just as well. Just so long as the Sponsor is well aware of it. I’m working with a Sponsee today on his 4th and this caught me by surprise. I was left with the wrong impression when I did mine. I was looking to reverse all of my resentments and turn them into defects which I couldn’t do. That was what was explained to me which left me more than confused. I hope I will not pass this on.



    I’m working on my 8th step list right now, due on Tuesday night. My list does come directly from the 1st column of my inventory. Now, there will be a few people who will be on the list who I had no resentment toward, fear or sex relations, therefore, they weren’t included in my inventory. Here is the thing that I have to remember, that virtually every individual I came in any meaningful contact with was affected by my alcoholism whether I was drunk or dry. I was indeed like a tornado in their lives and at the very least robbed them of their emotional security. The point of the list isn’t in me deciding whether they are owed an amends. Some of these people and institutions my sponsor is likely to say that the best amends I can make to them is to never make contact with them again as long as I live. The point is to make the list so that my sponsor can guide me in the amends process.




Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 6 total)

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