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Thoughts on Step 9

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    @savoy 1604274 wrote:

    I’m quoting the Big Book verbatum, thats not opinion.
    “we go in a forgiving spirit”.
    What does that mean to you?

    I can ask the same of you. I already made my amends. Obviously you are one who is not able to accept that.



    Let’s please remember to not
    take another persons inventory

    Discussion is not about what you think
    of some one elses experiences
    Recovery is a wide road.

    Thanks Everyone…:)



    This thread is exactly why I am just about done with this website. We have one person in the whole thread that shared their EXPERIENCE. The rest…opinions. Are these opinions based on experience? I have no idea because it wasn’t shared. Then you have someone who wants to waste their energy trying to convince someone who is at the 9th step…..the 9th step!!!!that the Big Book has been relegatted to obsolesensce. Amazing. I mean here we are, we are over half way through the 164 pages of EXPERIENCE, and someone wants to tell me it’s obsolete. Pure BS and insanity. And in a step study forum for crying out loud. May God Bless you, go in peace.

Viewing 3 posts - 10 through 12 (of 17 total)

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