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Time to do your steps !

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    Hello my friend.. I would like to ask a very general question that means alot to me.. It’s not a poll but you may answer like so if you like. I would like to know how long you were sober before you did your first step.
    I have noticed that in different parts of the world and the country I live in people do thing’s different. Thats why I’m curious.
    Thank you



    For me, my first step was done while drinking. Drinking is what proved me, convinced me, that I was real alcoholic and trying unsuccessfully to not take that first drink proved to me that I was beyond human aid.

    My experience is that the first step is not done in a worksheet or pamphlet, it is not to be intellectualized, but rather experienced. And, if I am not sure that I am a real alcoholic, not sure that I have lost the power of choice in regards to alcohol, then the book is very specific: Try some controlled drinking, try it more than once.



    I did my first 2 steps before I came back to AA when I was drinking,bu my sponsor had us go over them anyway…so we did

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 9 total)

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