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    Power Greater Than Ourselves

    “One’s religion is whatever we are most interested in.” J.M. Barrie

    More than the other steps, Step Two requires a leap into faith. Any negative responses that may arise are often due to our personal exxperiences with religion and/or therapy.

    This step is not a religious exercise. In the program we’re not focused on any particular diety, but we’re not afraid of the words “God” or “Budda” or “Mohammed” or “Allah” or any of the other deities to which human beings ascribe powers greater than themselves. We don’t feel that any belief conflicts with the meaning of this step.

    However, we also realize that athiests and agnostics may at first view Step Two as an impossible hurdle.

    What it all comes down to is a power, a force larger than ourselves. We all recognize the power of electricity and use it routinely on a daily basis. We’re all aware of the power inherent in subatomic particles to create or destroy matter. And we readily acknowledge the power of social movements where numbers of individuals come together to effect change on a scale that one person acting alone might not be able to do. Therefore, it stands to reason that a group of recovering persons who have successfully completed this step might have a powerful effect on our lives because they have succeeded in doing what has not yet been possible for us to do by ourselves alone.

    Today’s Step: Even if I don’t know what it is, I accept that there is a power greater than myself.

    Step By Step, meditations for living the 12 steps. Muriel Zink



    Taking it on Faith

    “Faith is to believe what you do not see. The reward for this faith is to see what you believe.” St. Augustine

    We may not be completely filled with enthusiasm when we discover that we’re expected to embrace a doctrine formulated by a group of people–none of them professionals—who don’t offer us what we consider to be sufficient statistical research to justify their theories.

    On the other hand, most of us do subscribe to the operating theory: “If something works, don’t fix it.”

    A.A., the grandaddy of all these self-help groups, has proven without the shadow of a doubt that “it works.” And, in fact, when their Big Book was written, there were a number of nonalcoholic professionals who acted as coauthors and consultants, and who affirmed that when all their combined efforts and expertise had failed, this self-help group–founded by a stockbroker and a medical doctor—suceeded.

    The story is told of an athiest explaining to his listeners why he didn’t believe in God. “I was up in Alaska, flying my plane. Suddenly, the motor failed, and I was forced to land on a desolate expanse of snow. I got down on my knees and asked God for help. Do you think He did anything to help me? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
    “Then how come,” one of his listeners asked, “you’er here today?”
    “Oh,” said the man, “a couple of hours later and Eskimo came along on a dogsled and brought me out!”

    Todays Step: I’m beginning to believe that the power of the program really does work.Step By Step, meditations for living the 12 steps. Muriel Zink



    Day 4

    Acting “As if”

    “How much shall I be changed, before I am changed!” John Donnell

    To begin this step, all you need is simply to act as if you do believe the message of the step, whether or not you’re convinced of its workability.

    Think of it in terms of building a house. You know that before the foundation can be laid, excavations must be dug. Yet, when you look at the excavation, you see nothing but an empty hole. It’s very difficult to convince yourself that the completed structure will look like the architectural rendering you selected for your dream house. All you can do is trust that the architect has drawn plans that the builder can translate into a well-built, attractive home.

    In the early stages of recovery, there will be unseen evidence that the process is working for you depsite all your doubts and confusion. The plans have already been drawn and are based on a design that has proven to be workable. And there are people ready to reassure you that this program has demonstrated its effectiveness to them despite their skepticism.

    Today’s Step: In the earliest steps toward sanity, I am willing to trust my process and act “as if”.

    Step By Step. Muriel Zink

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