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    Superwoman and Superman

    “People ought to listen more slowly.” Jean Sparks Ducey

    By now we probably fell we’re ready to take on the whole world. Like converts, we want to gather up all of those who have experienced the same problems we have, bring them into the fold, and heal them. We fancy ourselves like the Good Shephard, rescuing the little lamb who has strayed from the fold. We’re suffused with love for our fellow-sufferers, and feel that if they’d only talk with us for a while, we could convince them that we have the solution for their problems.

    Poor Pitiful Pearl has metamorphosed into Superwoman: and Poor Pitiful Paul has become Superman. And they’re proud of their new identies, as well the should be.

    We’re ready to explain in detail just exactly how we succeeded in losing the obsession that bound us in its grip for such a long time. We could talk for hours about our struggles and our ultimate victory. We’re sure that if our identified prospects will just follow our dictates to the letter, they too will recover.

    However, noble as these sentiments are, they need to be carefully evaluated. We need to remember very clearly how we, ourselves, felt when the program was first presented to us.

    Today’s step: My enthusiasm for spreading the word is balanced by my sensitivity to others.

    Step by Step, meditations for living the 12 steps. Muriel Zink



    Day 2


    “The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.

    It is slowly dawning on us that the preceding Eleven Steps are part of an ongoing process. We realize that just because we’ve been through them once doesn’t mean we can pack them away in mothballs. Step Twelve clearly demonstrates that we could not have arrived at our present stae of balance were it not for Steps One through Eleven. It also tells us that, in preparing to undertake the threefold message of this step, we’re commiting ourselves to a way of life that is a complete departure from the attitudes and behavior of our addictive lifestyle.

    As problems continue to arise in our everyday life, we’re able to take each one of them in turn, and work through the entire Twelve Steps with them. We can do this with skewered relationships, with money, and employment problems, with emotional hang-ups and with any other situation that may be causing us confusion and discomfort.

    Remember the old Latin adage: “Repetition is the mother of wisdom”? It is by repeatedly applying the steps in all our affairs that we reap the benefits of our new way of life. We also need to remember H.O.W.—Honesty, Open-mindedness, and Willingness—that we learned in our early days of recovery. The power of this advice will become increasingly obvious as we enjoy the fruits of our labors.

    Today’s Step: I continue to practice the principles of this program in all my affairs.

    Step by Step, meditations for living the Twelve Steps. Muriel Zink



    Day 3

    Dave’s Story

    “Back of every achievement is a proud wife and a surprised mother-in-law.” Brooks Hays

    Despite what some people have reported, spiritual awakenings don’t tend to be all that dramatic. A typical one was shared by Dave.

    “I didn’t see fireworks in the sky, or feel I was in the presence of some celestial being,” Dave recalled. “I certainely couldn’t identify with anything as airy-fairy as blinding flashes of light, or some of the other phenomena some people were talking about.

    “It was simply that one day I realized my attitude and sense of value had undergone an enormous change. My identity was no longer reflected by the clothes I wore, nor the car I drove, nor the house I lived in, nor my yearly income.

    “My family and friends began to take on much more importance to me than all those things that we usually equate to success. That didn’t mean I was ready to chuck my position and take up farming so I could lead a more simple life. What it did mean was that issues of money, property, and prestige were no longer my begin-all and end-all goals.

    “As far as I’m concerned,” said Dave contentedly, “you couldn’t ask for a better spiritual awakening than that!”

    Today’s Step: My day-to-day recovery is evidence f a spiritual awakening.

    Step by Step. Muriel Zink

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