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    Day 10


    “You have freedom when you’re easy in your harness.” Rober Frost

    We’ve already experienced the tremendous relief that came from cleaning up our side of the street by making amends to those we had harmed. We no longer feel that cloud of impending doom hovering over us, threatening to expose us to everyone as a sham and a charlatan.

    With a clear conscience we can now go about our business secure in the knowledge that we no longer need to hide from anything or anybody. We have succeeded in our task of making restitution for past behavior. We have cleared up our financial responsibilities, or at least made partial payment of our outstanding debts. We have shouldered the blame for shattered relationships. We have gone back to our workplace and put in overtime, without pay, to make up for those hours when we shirked our responsibilities or took time off tha twas not appropriate. In addition, we have been demonstrating our sincerity by our actions and our dependability in all our affairs.

    With growing self-acceptance and self-approval, we can now face others with confidence. We can look anyone straight in the eye without flinching in fear that they will greet us with contempt or disdain. We no longer find it necessary to avoid certain people, places or things. We’re finally secure enough in ourselves to feel comfortable with others.

    Today’s Step: As I take my daily inventory, I can face people with confidence and self-respect.

    Step by Step. Muriel Zink

Viewing 10 post (of 10 total)

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