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    I tried crack for the first time in the summer of 08 & it wasn’t really my thing, then in Feb 09 a close friend of mine got kicked out and started staying at a crackhouse. the more time I spent with him the more I spent around crack. I have been with my husband for 14 years and he had no idea what was goin on. One night I spent a whole mortgage payment ($1,100). He was furious. I ended up telling him the next day when I came home what I was doing. He asked if I needed help & I told him I have it under control. No one has it under control when they are smoking crack, you may think you do, but you dont. As the months went on, money was disappearing more & more. I was in charge of the finances so I knew what I was spending & my husband had no idea. After we were a few months behind on our first & second mortage, along with other bills, it was time he took over before I either was divorced or dead. Jan 2010 he gave me a chioce & I said I will change, at least I thought I could. I stopped working, he took my cell away & I had no access to my car. I came into some money a few months ago & I put it away & I just had the stuff delivered to my house without him knowing. Things are more out of control now then they were last year. I have spent over $5,000 just in the last 3 months.
    I ran out of money & started taking checks from my husbands personal account, making them out to me & signing his name. He reported me to the bank 2 days ago & he said that it is up to me if he will take legal action. He has had enough & don’t know what else to do. The thought of going to prison scares me & I really do want to change, at least if not for me for him & my 7 year old son. That is when i came here. I have been clean for 3 days now & that has been a record for me. I have not made it more than a day in almost 6 months. I dont know how something so small can affect your body so much & make you want to do it so bad. I wish I was never so stupid to even try this drug.



    Welcome! Glad you are here. You are not alone. Have you been to a NA meeting yet? There (as well as here) you will meet other people that have similar stories–can offer their experience, strength, hope. Help is possible. We do recover. :grouphug:



    I second Angelina’s suggestion. I tried to do this alone and found it impossible.

    Peace & Love,

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