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    I have not been to any NA meetings, this is the first step I’ve taken into anything. I keep telling myself that I can do it & don’ t need professional help, buts it’s just so hard. I’ve read that people saying now that the weather is getting nicer, they are getting the urge & I so know what they are talking about.
    I keep finding stuff to do to keep busy & I’m good for maybe 2 days, then something just goes off in my head & I keep saying, “oh only 1 more time, just a little & I will be fine”. but thats not the case. This is just driving me crazy cause im not the type to have such an addictive personality.



    NA isn’t a professional organization. It’s addicts helping addicts stay clean.

    Peace & Love,



    “I ran out of money & started taking checks from my husbands personal account, making them out to me & signing his name. He reported me to the bank 2 days ago & he said that it is up to me if he will take legal action. He has had enough & don’t know what else to do. The thought of going to prison scares me & I really do want to change, at least if not for me for him & my 7 year old son”.

    Your Husband husband wants to send you to prison because of your addictive behavior? You smoke crack over and over and over and over in spite of the profound damage you are doing to your family, to your seven year old son? and you say you don’t have an addictive personality?

    You are so much more than a mere “addictive personality”. You are a crack addict and a liar and a thief and a child abuser, and you worry about going to prison? What about the prison you’ve put them in?!!!!!

    Please understand this; just about every addict I’ve ever met has a story about neglect and conflict and emotional abandonment in their family of origin whether mind altering substances are involved or not, and your son will be no different. He is at the most important developmental stage of his life, and you show him by your actions that you choose the pipe over him nearly every chance you get.

    You speak only of the possible consequences to yourself. You are terrorizing your family with your actions! What must be going through your husband’s mind when he is faced with the insane choice of sending his wife to prison or living with her insane behavior? And your child is fully aware of the tremendous conflict you are causing.

    If staying stopped is a problem, my suggestion is simple; Get yourself checked into a 90 day treatment facility Level four or above, and do everything they tell you to do. And don’t you dare bitch about the money, you have already spent way more on crack than the price of admission. Good luck.

    P.S. It isn’t humanly possible to get sober for someone else. Go after your sobriety as though they don’t exist. If you don’t begin to put your sobriety first, you will lose them anyway.

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