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    Also…. I know from the experience of living with someone with the addiction to crack and you didn’t mention anything about this but keep in mind “….. Alcohol has caused a great number of addicts to relapse.” and I know from my husband being addicted that for someone who is the is a vice and will send you back into active addiction, I myself am a recovering heroin addict so I can relate to becoming someone you never thought you would be. I too have a child and a husband but remember this, recovering is a shellfish time and to truly love and be able to support anyone and I mean ANYONE. Else you must love and take care of you. And you do that and give yourself over to a higher power the rest will fall into place



    this was 6 months ago…hope she found a way to stay clean AND recover….I started another reply…then I realized how old the post is….and that it is in step 3….Saying a prayer for any addict still suffering that has yet to come into NA


Viewing 2 posts - 10 through 11 (of 11 total)

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