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Unmanageable list

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    I have got a huge unmanageable list of almost everyone I’ve known in my life that I can remember plus some commonplace principles.

    It’s not very clear to me what my dealings with them – or theirs with me – were.

    I don’t currently work and have no family except my family of origin who are miles away.

    My sponsor and a couple of acquaintances are my only current relationships.

    Medicines are fogging my memories. Most days I am content to lie in bed for hours.

    When I am well enough I am going to travel to my sponsor and show him a few people on the list ofa particular sort – say family members and go over a few specific troubles with him. Another time it will bee old bosses.

    I can fill the rest of the columns in in front of him in batches like that.

    I’m the one to make amends to myself and perhaps I have done that already as well, by stopping.



    I always write a prayer at the top of the page asking that I be shown what I need to be shown.

    So you have a list of names – the next thing is to write down the things they did that you are/were angry with…specific things. If you are willing to see these things, they will come to you.



    I’ve always encouraged a list of positives as well,……….

    so it doesn’t feel as though we’re only focus’n on negatives,……”balance”


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 10 total)

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