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Unmanageable list

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    @thetruth 2515997 wrote:

    It wasn’t a brow beating, I just figured that on a 12 step sub forum folks would be carrying the message of the Big Book,that’s what I get for assuming. not to knock the 12 and 12 but that was written several years after the basic text and does not contain the specific precise clear cut direction on how to recover.

    that’s cool,…….I’m just sharing :240:



    @Spawn 2515625 wrote:

    it’s in the 12 and 12 book,……….it’s not about a level of comfort but a level of awareness,……….

    don’t turn it into a brow beating. :a043:

    Sometimes guys go back out because they don’t see the positive.

    Like a positive could be the “courage” it takes to do an inventory. :c031:

    Lets share the truth based in facts eh?

    Open the front cover of the big book.

    “Other Publications.”
    “The 12 and 12, an interpretive commentary by AA’s co-founder.”

    Interpretive commentary is opinion.

    The program and clear cut directions are in the big book.
    The 12×12 is one mans opinion, its not the program.
    There are no directions in the 12×12, the 12×12 itself directs you to follow the big book.

    The 12×12 was written as a retirement fund for Bill and Lois and to get the traditions into the fellowships hands, it is tragedly mis-used today.

    I spent 6 months in a 12×12 meeting chasing my tail, then I met a recovered alcoholic who explained the big book and why the 12×12 wasn’t usefull to me.
    Interesting read, no doubt . I was attending step study meetings, it was the blind leading the blind but we thought we sounded knowledgable.



    Some months on and following adjustments in my medication as well as a bit more life lived under my belt – somehow the start I made doesn’t look so unmanageable, and my sponsor is encouraging me to extend it and use my own discretion (checking with my sponsor) about when it seems to be rounded off enough to proceed to step 5 – rather like what redneck posted in another thread,


    if it’s permitted to cross-refer.

    Thank you for the interesting points added to this thread. I go to “12 and 12” meetings but the best ones of those are ones where the content of the BB shines through as it should.

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