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Wants to help my boyfriend get off his addiction!

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    I’m really against any drugs. I’ve known my boyfriend for 16 years (friendship before). We currently just started dating 4 months ago. Out of the 16 yrs, I haven’t talked to him for 6 yrs because we were busy with school and working. Finally got in touch and I found out he does marijuana. I thought “oh no big deal he probably doesn’t do it as often.” He is 21 yrs old and has been doing it since 14 or 15. When he is sober, he’s totally sweet. When he’s high, well it depends on how much he takes. If he smokes a few tokes, he’s not to bad but has his little moments where he gets mad at stupid things or he smokes a lot and gets pissed off at everything and takes things out on me. I started to realize how often he does it which is pretty much everyday. I’ve tried convincing him to help him to quit which he wants to but I think he rather smoke it. I don’t want our relationship and friendship to end over this out of 16 years. I prefer if he stops. Can someone please help me convince him to quit? It makes me upset everyday and I just can’t find a way of how to talk to him about it.



    Welcome to 12 Step National Meetings. Keep reading and you will find out that he’s not going to quit until he wants to quit. If you’ve talked to him about it, then he knows how you feel about it but chooses to continue. Since you cannot change him, you have to decide what you will and will not put up with in a relationship.



    I’ve talked to him various of times. I should of mentioned that he has said that he will try to quit or I want to quit but I don’t want to. He says I’m more important than the marijuana. I’m sick of his excuses.

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