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    Hey all I currently have 22 days clean from a serious opiate addiction. I am currently working my first step. I was looking for some insight from others who have worked this step. What did it do for you? How did it help? Was it a real eye opener? For me so far the biggest thing I have gained from working this step is the realization that I am not a bad person. I have a disease that can be fatal. I can however put it in remission. I always thought I was just evil. The things I did to get high were morally bankrupt. So I lived in this vicious circle of doing very questionable things to get high, and then having to continue using to numb myself to the disgust I felt for myself. Today I relize that I am a good man, a good husband, and a good father. I just have a disease. Thats what step 1 has taught me so far. What did it teach you? thanks in advance for any experience strength and hope. Peace and love.



    Hi Videodrone32,

    I could probably talk about Step 1 all day, but one of the biggest advantages I received from this step was the ability to accept help. I was one of those addicts that thought I could do anything on my own, but by admitting and accepting that I couldn’t beat this disease called addiction I was finally able to get honest and surrender. As I’ve continued to recover and live the program as best I can, I’ve come to understand that Step 1 is applicable to every aspect of my daily life. Surrendering to win worked and still works.




    I read this….then thought about what I could say about it….first thing that came to mind was one simple word:


    Then I thought more into it to see if I could put any more words next to that word.

    I had no compelling thoughts. Then, I clicked over to read to today’s Just For Today meditation.

    Kinda hit home where step 1 rings true for me.

    Accepting reality.
    Accepting myself as an addict.
    Accepting I need help.

    Step 1 was/is all about acceptance for me.

    I accept that I cannot use drugs successfully….ever.

    I can certainly empathize with the sense of relief that comes along with realizing we are sick people and not worthless or unworthy.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 4 total)

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