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What do I do?

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    I’m a newcomer an I’ve completed 1-3 and I was going to start my fourth but I dropped my sponsor due to principal or personality reasons. I didn’t know where to start with this step. I know it’s about getting truly honest with yourself and cleaning house doing the “moral inventory”. But that is so difficult, and I know you don’t heal until you do this step. How does one get there? I’ve found my HP and know that I’m not alone in my struggles when they may arise. But I find myself experiencing writiers block when I put pen to paper with this step. Facing the truth and put it on paper is difficult. Do you a suggestion that I can use?



    I suggest getting a new sponsor you feel comfortable with and get their guidance.

    The steps are meant to be worked with a sponsor.

    I got to step 4 with 3 different sponsors. None of them could or were willing to guide me through it. When I asked them to sponsor me none of us realized it would turn out that way, certainly not me. The first one quit me for her personal reasons. The second one admitted she couldnt continue giving be the time I deserved. The third one I found out I’d chosen someone who was not qualified or suitable after going over the first three with her.

    I came to realize I needed to take sponsorship more seriously and learned to interview who I was going to put my recovery in the hands of! I had to take an honest look at why I chose the sponsors I had chosen.

    I managed to find a sponsor I’ve had for 2 years now and about to finish all the steps with.

    I asked several questions to see if she was suitable and willing to commit as well as trustworthy.

    If you’d like to know the questions I asked when considering her, let me know and I will share them with you.





    Thanks for the advice I just would like to know those questions they’d come in handy.


Viewing 3 posts - 4 through 6 (of 13 total)

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